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Connect 2 Payroll Pvt. Ltd. It is the only solution when a person is looking for the best Payroll Management System outsourcing and consultant company services in Ahmedabad. There are many compliance firms existing in the market but when it comes to best competitive rates and best service Connect 2 Payroll Pvt. Ltd. It is only the outcome all over Ahmedabad? We have the best PF consultants who are having multiple years of experience with them in the long run. Every PF consultant working with us is very well versed in the compliance work required for PF. Our team also looks for ESIC work simultaneously. We are together the best PF ESIC consultant for all over services in Ahmedabad. Getting an ESIC Consultant who has all the required knowledge of the regular changes going on in the market has been easy. We provide the best ESIC consultant that too at the lowest rates possible all over Ahmedabad.

The requirement of a PF ESIC, Labour Law Consultant Service has been very much in trend these days.  A good labour law consultant helps in the long and smooth run of business without any exploitation. Every individual working seeks for some of the other advice from the individual to escape from any type of exploitation. Not every labour consultant in the market is able to get labour license that is essential for the smooth run of the process. Getting labour license requires huge paperwork and wide exposure of knowledge which is done by the individual working in the process. Entire payroll compliance work is carried out smoothly by our experts and they make sure no term such as payroll outstanding is used anytime in the process. We also provide HR solutions for all the necessary checking all over Ahmedabad. Not all firms provide HR solutions along with the compliance work but we at Connect 2 payroll look after all your payroll, labour law services consultant, HR needs at a single go and at a single point.

We are a well-known labour law consultancy who has achieved the highest success ratio all over Ahmedabad. The work done by us is mainly focused on quality and along with it; we also give special to the deadlines of the work and the maintenance of quality for them. Every person working with us has given the best possible feedback which is available on our website.  We also donate a part of our profit to various non- profit organizations and look after society.

Connect 2 Payroll Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reliable and reputed Payroll Management & Labour Laws consultancy as well as Compliance Services firm engaged in the business of providing a wide range of services such as Payroll Management, Payroll Compliances, PF, ESIC, Labour Laws, Labour Compliance Audit, Establishment Compliance, Factory Compliance, Contract Labour Compliance, Industrial Licensing, Flexi Staffing, Payroll Outsourcing Company, Maintenance of Records and Consultation to various corporate clients. We are one of the most reliable Payroll Outsourcing & Company, PF ESIC Consultant, HR Compliance Consultant, Labour License Consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and India.

We are PF ESIC, labour law consultant for employers in Ahmedabad and all over Gujarat. We provide complete Payroll Compliance Services for Shops & Establishment., Factory Act, Provident Fund, ESIC, Contract Labour, Licence & Registrations, Minimum Wages, Bonus, Gratuity, and other labour laws. We also conduct labour laws compliance services audit for direct as well as the contractor's compliances. We take care of payroll management and HR-related services. We are committed to providing satisfactory services to the customers by delivering prompt & quality output at value prices. We have a galaxy of highly experienced professionals who have a team with us and are capable to undertake any assignment.

Our firm provides services to a wide spectrum of trade & industries as well as non-profit organizations. The client group includes High Net-worth Individuals, Partnership Firms, Private & Public Sector Corporate, Govt. & Semi Govt. Organizations, Hospitals, and Educational Institutions.

Our Mission

To Protect, Ensure and Add Value to the client’s interest on a sustainable basis by adhering to professional ethics, intelligence, integrity, and independence demonstrating a factual and objective approach.

Our Vision

To become excellent services provider always looking for sustained growth and increase market share through strong monitoring, execution, implementation and factual reporting of the system.

Our Values

To provide reliable, efficient, competent, dynamic, prompt and client’s friendly qualitative services bringing value addition.

To provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that help clients to reach their desired goals.

To maintain a high standard of honesty, integrity, and independence in the conduct of all our activities.

To place the interest of the client ahead of that of the firm wherever the situation demands.

To strive always to improve the quality of services and contribute our fair share of professional skills, ethics, abilities, time and knowledge to our professional community and society at large.

To maintain a close identity, personal & friendly relationship with all our clients, no matter how big or small they are.

To be a professional firm of repute rendering balanced and manifold services in various segments under one roof to all those who are part of driving the economic growth of the country irrespective of size.

Imparting and sharing our knowledge and views with the people objectively on a continuous basis making them proactive.

About Us

We are labour laws consultants for employers in Ahmedabad and all over Gujarat. We provide complete registration, Licence & compliance services for Factory Act, Provident Fund, ESIC, Contract labour Registrations & Licenses, labour wale fare fund, Minimum Wages, Bonus, Gratuity, and other labour laws. We also conduct labour laws compliances audit for direct as well as contractor's compliances.

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Connect 2 Payroll Pvt. Ltd.

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